About Me

I am a working mother with 3 kids aged 18, 16 and 9.  The 2 older ones are boys while no3 is a girl. We live in Singapore.  I am a banker who is happily married to a manager working in a tech company.  Baking is my hobby.

This is the first time I am starting a blog.  I have been sharing my travel experiences in some parenting forum and fellow forummers have suggested that I should start a blog.  I am a regular contributor to tripadvisor too.  I just feel that just as others have helped me through their sharing of experiences and reviews, I should contribute too.

My eldest boy has just finished his A levels and since he has nothing to do now before he enters the army, I have asked him to help me set up this blog.  He designed the site logo, came up with a tag line and basically set up the whole website for me.  So here I am now.

I will start by consolidating my forum sharings of past travels and reviews on tripadvisor into this blog and develop it from here.  Feel free to leave your comments!



22 Jan 2016


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