Tokyo & Hakone, Sep 2017 – An evening in Omotesando

An evening in Omotesando

1. Shopping @ Omotesando

If you are looking for designer shopping, head to Omotesando.  It has many standalone shops of international designer boutiques.  I was not looking to do designer shopping but just wanted to look see around as the buildings that these designer boutiques are housed in are huge and has interesting architecture.  I just admired them from outside!. You will find Prada, LV etc here.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, my favourite Japanese designer is Issey Miyake.  And whenever I am in Tokyo I must head to its boutiques.  I had planned a dinner at Yanmo at Omotesando and yes, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake has a boutique nearby.  I never leave Pleats Please empty handed and it was the same on this occasion.  My previous VIP member card ha expired and they were able to renew on the spot and so I could again get my 5% rebate and of course my tax refund.  I was too busy shopping to take a photo of the shop…haha.
If you have time, it is nice to drop my Omotesando just to look around, window shop, admire the interesting buildings and even have afternoon tea in one of its chic cafes.   A very pleasant and interesting shopping street.

2. Kaiseki Dinner @ Yanmo

Just 1 min walk down a side street across the road from the Pleats Please boutique at Omotesando is Yanmo.  My colleagues had taken me to dinner previously at it Marunouchi outlet.  You can read about my previous visit to the Yanmo’s Marunouchi outlet here.  I wanted DH to try this restaurant and decided to check out the Omotesando outlet on this trip.

Like many restaurants in Tokyo, this restaurant in Omotessando, is along a nondescript side street and located in the basement.  Not a restaurant you will notice if you are passing by.

Restaurant entrance

The restaurant has a contemporary deco.   Very pleasant and comfortable.   It has counter seats or proper tables.  We had a table for 4.


We went for Kaiseki or course meal.   As we had a heavy Tempura cours lunch that afternoon, we decided to go for the smalleast and cheapest at ¥6,000 per person.  I had the more elaborate set during my previous visit to their Marunouchi outlet.

We also ordered sake.   In fact we tried 2 different sake that evening.  Each was half a bottle (about 300ml) and cost only ¥1,500 each.

We were first served with a cold appetizer of seasoned raw white bait and crab meat.  It was interesting appetizing.


Then came a salad topped with bonito flakes and ikura.


Sashimi was was next.  There was maguro and hamachi and another fish which I am not familiar with.  But it was very good.  I love these thick slices of sashimi.  And the wasabi is freshly grated, so it has the kick but not overpowering.


For main course, we had choice of chicken, salmon shio or Saba shio.  Among the 4 of us, we had all the 3 types.  I went for the Saba shio and it was very good.  Fish meat with fresh and sweet and mackerel was well salted and seared to perfection.  I tried a piece of E’s chicken and it was very tasty too.  Not at all dry.

Grilled chicken

Saba shio

Salmon shio

The meal was rounded up with rice, pickles and miso soup.  Dessert was a slice of sweet musk melon.  overall it was a simple but satisfying course meal.

Pickles and miso soup

Next up: Sightseeng in Hakone

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