Tokyo & Hakone, Sep 2017 – An evening in Ginza

An evening in Ginza

1. Teppanyaki Dinner @ Colza

Add: Nogakudo Bld B1F, 6-5-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

My Japanese colleagues brought me to Colza for teppanyaki back in 2015 and I loved it.  So on this trip, when we were planning our meal locations, I decided on going back to Colza.  I wanted DH to try it too.

When we arrived at the restaurant on that Friday night, the sign outside says that it was full booked that night.  We were so glad we had reservations.  I had previously thought it had only one teppan counter as when I was here 2 years ago, it was a quiet weekday night.  But on this occasion I noticed that they had another teppan counter further inside the restaurant.  The four of us were seated at one corner which was ideal as it allowed us to chat.

Colza @ Ginza

There were several sets to choose from.  Japanese wagyu sets were more expensive than Australian wagyu sets.  We went for the Japanese wagyu set.  Japanese wagyu while expensive is still cheaper in Japan compared to what we have to pay for in Singapore.  We decided on the Nanohana special course which allowed us 2 choice of speciality food items.  All of us chose abalone and foie gras.  We had also choice of weight of beef.  They had 100g, 150g and 200g for the sirloin option or 80g, 130g and 180g for the fillet option.  DH and I both went for the 150g sirloin option and our set cost ¥17,500.  The 100g wagyu option cost ¥15,000.

We were served 2 cold appetizers for starters while the chef starts preparing our clams.

Our first teppanyaki course was roasted clams.  They were fresh and sweet.  Yum!

Fresh abalone were placed to cook in whole.  When cooked, it falls out of the shell and the chef cuts it into bite size pieces.  It was yummy and goes so well with the asparagus.

Then came the generous serving of foie gras, served with toast.  Soooo gooood!

To clear out palette before our wagyu, we were served a fresh vegetable & pear salad with a tangy dressing.

Then came the highlight – the wagyu.  We asked for it done medium rare.  The chef separates the fats from the meat and cooked the gots longer till it is charred.  Oh so sinful but so good.  Just as I remembered ?.

There was a choice of garlic fried rice or rice ball with dashi. DH had the garlic fried rice while I had the rice ball.  When I smelled the frangrance of the garlic fried rice, I regret my decision.  So I pinched some from DH. ???.  It is not the the rice ball is not good.  It is pretty good and has a bacon flavour.  But the garlic fried rice was really good.

For dessert, we had the Teppanyaki Ice-Cream.  It is basically a slice of ice cream placed on the hot cooking surface with liquor added.  It was a nice show as the chef switched off the lights.

Overall, it was a wonderful meal.  As good as I remember.  Will not hesitate coming again the next time we visit Tokyo.  It was not cheap, butte had quality food in generous servings.  Definitely cannot get it at this quality and price in Singapore.

2. Drinks @ D’Heartman Bar

Add: 4F Ginza Miyuki-kan, 6-5-17 Ginza, Chuo-Ku Tokyo

After our dinner at Colza, we went to D’Heartman Bar,  along the same stretch, for drinks.

D’ Heartman Bar @ Ginza

The bar has a traditional old English deco and is in warm wood furnishing.  It has a good selection of drinks in general and whisky in particular.  The guys went for the Hibiki 12 years and the Yamazaki 12 and 18 years.  The nuts And crackers served with the drinks are varied.

Yamazaki 12 years and 18 years

But what is best here is really the staff.  Bartender was friendly and the owner was also around and we had a great chat.

Besides drinks, they serve finger food too but we were too full to order any.  We bought the owner a shit of the Yamazaki 18 years and in turn is served us complimentary tonkatsu sandwich.  The sandwich was very good.  The tonkatsu was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  But as we had a heavy teppanyaki dinner, could not finish it and they packed it for us to takeaway.

Tonkatsu sandwich

It was a fun evening with great drinks and food company.  Nice way for us to spend our last night in Tokyo.

Next up: An evening at Omotesando

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