Eating in Singapore – Ramen @ Miharu Sapporo Ramen

Ramen @ Miharu Sapporo Ramen

The boys went for the Army Open House on the last Sunday of May.  So we decided to meet them for lunch at Millenia Walk.  We decided to check out Miharu Sapporo Ramen.  Miharu is well known and frequented within the Japanese community in Singapore.

The ramen here is supposed to be airflown from Hokkaido and made with well water.  It was one of the first authentic Japanese ramen restaurants that opened shop in Singapore.

We started our meal with some appetizer.  We chose the squid with wasabi.  It was an instant hit with the whole family.  Squid are cut to small pieces and marinated with a wasabi sauce.  Oh so good!??

Octopus with Wasabe


Next we had the Agadeshi tofu. I always like this simple tofu dish but not ever restaurant does it well.  It is pretty good here.  The tofu is crisp on the outside and the dashi is light.

Agedashi tofu

Third appetizer was the Yaki Gyoza.  Gyoza is fried nicely.  Crisp on one side.  Filling was flavourful.  Good but not exceptional in my opinion.

Yaki Gyoza

DD had the Miso Tsuke-men.  It is a dry noodle that you dip in a soup just before you eat it.  Similar to how you will eat cold soba.  The soup here is Miso based.  DD likes it.  It is quite good, but I still like the Tsuke men that I had in Hiroshima better.

Miso Tsuke-men

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