One Night in Jakarta, 2017 (II) – Shopping & Eating @ Grand Indonesia

Grand Indonesia

I. Shopping

The Grand Indonesia complex, a mega commercial complex in the city centre of Jakarta. The complex consists of Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Menara BCA (BCA Tower), Kempinski Private Residences and Hotel Indonesia. In January 2017, Forbes recognized Grand Indonesia Shopping Town as one of the top five shopping malls in Jakarta.

The Central department store, a Thai brand department store is the anchor tenant at the The Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall.  It has several floors selling clothes, cosmetics, accessories, home deco and toys.  As it a a department store that originates from Thailand, it has a counter selling Thai home accessories like silk cushions and Thai silk decorations from Thailand.  It also has a counter ful of colour full ceramic elephants that were very pretty.

Colour ceramic elephants – Central Department Store

An interesting pop up store that appears regularly at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall is LocalStpunk, a pop up store that showcases local designer items.

LocalStpunk – local designer pop up store

Besides locally designed clothes, the store has an interesting array of accessories ranging from pouches, clutches to scarves, twillies and necklaces.  Items are all very reasonably priced.  I bought a pair of twillies for IDR220,000, and an off shoulder cotton blouse for IDR290,000.  It is worth taking a browse here if you have time as you may just snatch a good buy.

LocalStpunk – local designer pop up store

II. Eating

1. Union Deli

There are many restaurants in Grand Indonesia. A well known a popular cafe is Union Deli on the ground floor just at the entrance of Central.  It serves sandwiches and pasta.  But I prefer to come here for its cakes.  It serves a very good red velvet cake.

Union Deli Cafe

2. Warjok Asli

For reasonably priced good Indonesian food in a casual setting, head for Warjok Asli on level 3A (it is actually level 4 but here they use 3A instead).

Warjok Asli – casual Indonesian restaurant

Warjok Asli serves traditional Indonesian food.  We each had an ice avocado which was really good.  We ordered the Tauhu Telor (fried bean curd with eggs), deep fried fish and chicken satay (chicken skewers), accompanied by white rice.

The Tauhu Telor was very good.  Fried really crisp.  Serving is small so the 3 of us had 2 servings.  The deep fried fish was good too and went really well with the accompanying chili paste.  But I found the satay so so.  I much prefer Singapore/Malaysia style satay to Indonesia style satay.  I find the Indonesian style satay generally more dry and less flavourful.

For the 3 of us, our lunch at Warjok Asli came up to only IDR412,000. Very reasonably priced for decently good good.

3. Abura Soba

Abura Soba is a chain of restaurant from Japan.  The do not have an outlet in Singapore, so my colleague and I decided to check it out in Jakarta.  The shop is located at the basement of Grand Indonesia, just outside the supermarket.

The name Abura Soba literally translates to “Oil Buckwheat Noodles”, even though the noodles are more like ramen noodles rather than the Soba noodles we are all accustomed to. Originating from Tokyo in the 1950s, Abura Soba is, in essence, just dry ramen with a different type of sauce used in place of the soup. 

Here, we had a choice of spicy or non-spicy noodles.  I decided on the spicy version while my colleague went for the non-spicy.  The noodles came with slice pork and garnishing. 

I must say that the spicy version was really very very spicy. For someone who take spicy food regularly, I thought I should have asked for less spicy!  I find that the noodles were ok and nothing special.  I probably won’t bother to have them again.  I mush prefer the soup type of ramen.

Besides the noodles, we also share a plate of Chicken Karaaga (fried chicken) and edamame.  Total bill including 2 soft drinks for both of us came up IDR256,000.

4. Crystal Jade Restaurant

Crystal Jade is a restaurant chain from Singapore serving Chinese food.  We were told by friends that the Dim Sum here is much better than in Singapore.  So we decided to check it out.

We had the following (photo below: from left to right starting from top row)

  1. Fried carrot cake – ????
  2. Egg tart – ???
  3. Rice roll stuffed with dough fritter – ??
  4. Bolo cha siew bun – ????
  5. Custard bun – ??
  6. Siew mai – ??
  7. Har kow – ??
  8. Chicken feet – ?
  9. Cha siew puff – ????

Dim Sum at Crystal Jade

I didn’t pay for the lunch so I’m not sure how much it cost.  But it was overal a good meal and I’ll not hesitate to eat here again the next time I am in Jakarta.

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