Eating in Singapore – Local Flavours @ Kopi Tiam, Swissotel Stamford

Local Flavours @ Kopi Tiam, Swissotel Stamford

One weekend in May, DH says that he had a craving for fish head curry.  We decided to go to Kopi Tiam, the restaurant serving local flavour a as Swissotel Stamford.

Every table is served with  complimentary fried prawn crackers as starter.  This is welcomed by everyone at the table.

Complimentary starter – prawn crackers

We decided to order a few dishes to share and enjoy with plain white rice.  We ordered the fish head curry ($58) that we came here for.  It is a large serving that is good for at least 2-3 people to share.  It is cooked with the usual ladies fingers, brinjal and tomatoes.  It is spicy but not exceedingly so.  This dish is served with papadum, (a thin Indian style disc shaped crisp made with flour) which goes really well when dipped into the curry gravy.

Fish head curry

We also ordered the Tauhu Telor ($16) , fried bean curd with eggs, topped with a peanut gravy sauce and garnished with shredded cucumber.  This is a popular Indonesian dish.   I feel that they do this dish very well here.  The peanut gravy is sweet with a slight spice.  The eggs and bean curd are well fried and had a nice crisp crunch.  Yum!

Tauhu Telor

DD requested for the oyster omelette ($22).  It is an omelette fried with oyster.  Flour is added to Teh egg to give it a crisp and yet chewy texture.  This is a popular hawker dish.

Oyster Omeletter

Another request from DD is the prawn paste fried chicken wings ($18).  The wings are crispy and flavourful.  Prawn paste chicken can be salty but the ones here were ok.  This dish is popular with the kids.

Prawn Paste Chicken

DS2 requested for the beef rendang ($22).  A spicy beef stew cooked in coconut milk.  The dish is mild and not too spicy and so works even for DS2 who cannot take spicy food.  The beef was tender.

Beef Rendang

We decided to have a simple stir fried asparagus ($18) dish after all the other strong floured dishes that we ordered.

Stir Fried Asparagus

We had originally wanted to have dessert, but we were too full after ordering so many dishes that we did not have anymore room for dessert.

Overall it was a meal enjoyed by the whole family.  Local dishes in a comfortable restaurant setting but you pay the price for the environment.

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