Eating in Singapore – Royal Thai Cuisine @ Thanying Restaurant

Royal Thai Cuisine @ Thanying Restaurant

Our favourite Thai restaurant in Singapore is Thanying Restaurant at Amara Hotel.  Whenever we have craving for Thai food, we head here.  On one of the Sundays in April, we decided to head there again as it had been a while since we’ve been here.

Upon arrival they serve each guest a shot of refreshing lime and mint welcome shave ice drink.  It is very refreshing.

Welcome drink

We each ordered a soup.  The Tom Yam Goong ($10) (clear Tom Yam Prawn soup) here is very good but extremely potent.  This dish is only for those who can take really spicy food.  If you cannot take too spicy food, I suggest going for the Tom Kah Goong ($12) (Tom yam prawn soup with coconut milk).  The coconut milk in this soup takes the spice off so it is mild enough for about everyone.  If you don’t take seafood, you can go for the Tom Kah Gai ($10) ( Tom yam chicken soup with coconut milk).  I personally prefer the Tom Kah Gai to the Tom Kah Goong.  I somehow find the chicken version of this soup more flavourful.  DH is the Tom Yum Goong fan.

The soups

We like the appetizers here.  My favourite is the green mango salad ($18).  The salad is a toss of shredded green mango with shrimps and chicken.  It is sweet with a hint of sour and is garnished with dried shrimps and some slices small chili which are extremely spicy and should be avoided and put aside unless you can take really spicy food.  Otherwise the dish in not spicy at all and is well enjoyed by my kids too.

Mango Salad

Our second appetizer is the crispy rice crackers ($18) which comes with a sauce made with minced chicken and coconut milk.  It is very flavorful and well liked by the whole family.  We can never get enough of it.

Thai Rive Crackers with chicken and coconut dip

Another starter that we had was the deep fried crabmeat stuffed in crab shell ($6 each).  Salted egg yolk is added to this dish which gives it the extra flavour.  It comes with several dipping sauces including a plum sauce, chilli dip and soy sauce.  I like to eat this on its own or with the sweet plum sauce.

Crabmeat in crab shell

Instead of plan white rice, we ordered pineapple rice ($15).  The rice was cooked with shrimps and pineapple cubes and topped with pork floss.


Pineapple rice

For our greens, we decided to go for the simple Kaplan fried with salted fish ($18).  Simple and good.  But at $18, this is somewhat pricy.

Stir fried kailan with salted fish

As our kids were not into too spicy food, we order the deep fried grouper ($35) which came with a Thai spicy chili sauce on the side.  Nicely done, but not something I’d normally order.

Deep fried grouper

Another non-spicy dish we chose was the tang hoon prawn ($35).  This is a popular Thai dish but it is the first time I have ordered it here.  Prawns were big, but the dish somehow did not impress.  I feel it lack the oomph??.

Tang hoon prawns

You must leave room for dessert when you eat here.  They have a dessert buffet ($9 pp) which has a good spread.  They usually have a good selection of Thai sweet cakes, fresh cut fruits, and other typical Thai desserts like steamed tapioca with coconut cream and Thai ice chendol.   One dish that they never serve on the buffet is the mango with glutinous rice.  If you like that you’ll need to make a secrete ala carte order.  And trust me, I’ve had it many times and absolutely love it!  On weekends though, the buffet sometimes does not have the Thai cakes.  So take note.

Dessert buffet

They call it the “Royal Thai Cuisine”.  This is a higher end Thai restaurant and it is not cheap.  But food is of good quality and taste is great.  Since my favourite Thai restaurant in Singapore.

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